JLA Geosciences brings a highly experienced staff to any project, including registered professional geologists with nationwide experience in geology, geochemistry, hydrogeology, and groundwater flow modeling.

Northern Palm Beach County
Water Use permitting


JLA performed a variety of groundwater modeling activities to assist our client located in Northeastern Palm Beach County. JLA was successful in securing SFWMD consumptive use permits for four active Surficial Aquifer System wellfields and one newly constructed Floridan Aquifer System wellfield. The project included multiple groundwater model simulations, solute transport groundwater modeling for known groundwater contamination, and development of a novel wetland-monitoring plan.

Our cost-effective approach utilized existing groundwater models to address water resource issues, without the need to “reinvent the wheel” by building new models; limited model modifications to only key areas of concern; and developed optimal long-term operating plans.

SAS – Palm Beach County
County-Wide SAS Design, Bid, Build


JLA provided hydrogeologic consulting services to assist our client in the system-wide rehabilitation and improvements of forty-two wells located across four wellfields and water treatment plants.

The scope of services included overall project management, preliminary investigational work, smart wellfield analyses, well and raw watermain design, bidding, and construction phase services for four separate bid packages. The project, spanning several years, continues to provide significant gains in well performance for each respective wellfield.