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JLA Geosciences was established in 2003 to provide clear solutions for its clients based on an in-depth knowledge of hydrogeology, groundwater, well systems, regulations and issues that affect water supply development. Our firm’s success has been largely due to our absolute “hands on” approach and involvement in every project.

The principal hydrogeologists and professional geologists at JLA have the experience and local presence to make the right choices when and where it is needed: on time and on site. JLA maintains the firm belief that hydrogeology is a field science and that a successful hydrogeologic consultant must consistently provide excellence in the field.

JLA Geosciences brings a highly experienced staff to any project, including registered professional geologists with nationwide experience in geology, geochemistry, hydrogeology, and groundwater flow modeling.

The principals’ groundwater resources experience includes work on over 60 different wellfields including 30 major municipal and smaller private utilities, expertise in RO treatment, wastewater evaluation, and injection well services. The principals at JLA have completed work on over 90 Floridan Aquifer supply wells since 1985 and hundreds of other wells located throughout south and central Florida.

JLA Geosciences success is attributable to its ability to consistently produce wells that exceed expectations in terms of both water quality and capacity.

JLA accomplishes this by implementing smart and efficient construction and testing approaches that save money rather than waste it on elaborate overly technical studies and by providing hydrogeologists with extensive field experience on site. Our knowledge of aquifer systems and groundwater flow enable JLA to make the right decision in helping utilities manage water supplies.

Professional Geologists with over 30 years of Experience Specializing in:

  • Hydrogeologic Evaluations
  • Wells and Wellfield Design
  • Deep Injection Wells
  • Permits and Permit Compliance
  • Well Facility Construction Project Management
  • Well Construction Services
  • Groundwater Flow and Transport Modeling
  • Environmental and Water Use Permitting
  • Aquifer Storage and Recovery
  • Water Resource Evaluation
  • Wellfield Protection Ordinance Development
  • Environmental Site Assessment
  • Well Rehabilitation Services
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The JLA Team

The JLA Geosciences team consistently delivers water supply projects that exceed client expectations. We understand groundwater.

Jim Andersen, P.G.

Jim Andersen, P.G. President & Principal Hydrogeologist

Jim Andersen, President of JLA Geosciences, has more than 30 years of working experience in hydrogeology, groundwater water resource investigations, wellfield design, construction, evaluations and rehabilitation.

He has worked with PBCWUD since 2007 and the Town of Jupiter since 1994.

He has extensive experience in project and personnel management related to water resource planning, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis water resource planning, design, and construction phase services.

Under his leadership, JLA has successfully completed over 250 supply wells at 50 different wellfields including 8 public water supply wellfields in Palm Beach County.

JLA has been responsible for more than 80 Upper Floridan Aquifer wells at 18 different wellfields throughout the state with his guidance.

He has an extensive background in nanofiltration (NF) and reverse osmosis (RO) raw water supply investigations, wellfield contamination investigations, collection and analysis of water quality data; rehabilitation of old wells, and supervising various types of drilling.

Dr. Paul Stout, PhD, P.G.

Dr. Paul Stout, PhD, P.G. Vice President & Principal Hydrogeologist

Dr. Paul Stout has more than 30 years professional experience in the general areas of: water resource evaluation; soil, surface water, and groundwater investigations; and groundwater flow and geochemical modeling.

His work experiences have involved positions in teaching, research, government, and technical consulting. Projects in Florida have concentrated on water resource development and water use permitting issues, primarily associated with the largest municipal public water suppliers and other large water users of the Floridan and Surficial Aquifers.

Work on these projects has involved groundwater modeling, aquifer performance testing, wellfield design and well construction.

Dr. Stout has provided expert witness testimony and support for JLA projects involving landfills, former manufactured gas plants, and water use permitting issues.

Rani Smith, P.G.

Rani Smith, P.G. Principal Hydrogeologist

Jon Friedrichs, P.G.

Jon Friedrichs, P.G. Principal Hydrogeologist

Julia Pavlock, CPA

Julia Pavlock, CPA Principal, Chief Financial Officer

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