Conceptual Services

JLA Geosciences offers expertise not only in the field but in conceptual services such as Permitting, Environmental Site Assessment, and Water Resource Evaluation. We provide valuable insights into site characteristics to assist in site specific needs.


South Florida Water Management District

JLA Geosciences Vice President & Principal Hydrogeologist, Paul Stout, P.G. worked with the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) for seven years prior to joining JLA and is well versed in the regulatory process of water use permitting, enabling us to efficiently obtain approval of permit applications for our clients.

Groundwater Modeling

Predictive modeling is a requirement in modern environmental regulations as much as it is a tool to evaluate wellfield drawdown and individual well pumping rates. Our approach is to advise modeling necessary to satisfy wellfield pumping, water quality, and regulatory concerns. When quality field data is not available to support a model, a simpler low-cost analytical model is recommended.

Injection Wells
and Aquifer Storage and Recovery

JLA provides our clients with more ways to manage water resources so previous wastes become resources for reuse and recharge of drinking water supplies. We have assisted clients in finding lower cost ways of disposing of water in coastal saline and GIII aquifers by shallow or deep injection wells.

In addition, JLA provides experts in injection well permitting, design, construction and compliance including injection well mechanical integrity testing and monthly sampling and reporting.

Environmental Services


Our experienced team of Geologists and Hydrogeologists provide services in Phase I/II Environmental Site Assessments, Environmental water use and permitting.


We offer environmental monitoring for contaminants such as Per and Polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), saline / saltwater intrusion, heavy metals such as arsenic and lead in groundwater and soil.

Water Resource Evaluation


We utilize state-of-the-art technologies and a team of experts to create groundwater flow models. These sitewide models are based upon well-constrained, proven methods by the combination of excellent well design, certified field methods, and accomplished map design.

Master Planning

Hydrogeologic master planning services are offered to tackle issues such as: city specific issues, climate change, raw water supplies, Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) services, and more.

Surface Water Management

JLA uses operational data, available monitoring data, and modeling software to help our clients best manage their surface water systems. Our goal is to meet the designed intent and needs of the system, while maximizing the recharge of groundwater systems.

Reclaimed Water Modeling

JLA understands the important role that reclaimed water may play in offsetting the potential impacts of surficial aquifer groundwater withdrawals. JLA’s expert modelers are well versed in the rules and regulations pertaining to offsets and creating models which obtain maximum offset benefits.

Careers at JLA

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